Why is it important to have breakdown assist membership?

After purchasing an expensive new car, buyers could be forgiven for overlooking roadside assistance.

After all, you should expect a few years of uninterrupted performance from a brand new vehicle!

However the reality is, that many breakdowns are mostly caused by human error or oversight and not mechanical fault.

Here are six reasons that you may still need to have roadside assistance even if you have a brand new car.

1. Flat tyres

Flat tyres account for around a huge percentage of call outs per year.

Although it’s not hard to change a tyre when you know how, they often occur in dangerous places at inconvenient times, like in heavy traffic or on uneven surfaces.

Having access to a patrol to do the heavy lifting will save you a lot of time and stress and a potential dry cleaner bill.

2. Flat batteries

Flat batteries usually occur in inappropriate locations at inconvenient times.

Although most new cars these days include technology which helps prevent car batteries running flat, they can still go flat for reasons that are unrelated to age, including lights left on or radios playing when parked.

3. Towing

When your car breaks down and you need to get it towed away to the nearest garage, having breakdown membership will have been worth it.

Importance of a Breakdown Membership:
  • Gift yourself with peace of mind
  • Covers all of Ireland
  • Simple, no-fuss cover
  • Entire process is fully managed by CarTow.ie
  • De-stress and trust in us


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