Irish Car Finance Check

Ref. ID: 901730311
12D11001 - 01/09/2017


  • This vehicle is under finance!

 Vehicle Details

Reg: 12D11001
Vehicle: Ford Galaxy GHIA
Engine: 1.6L PETROL
Year: 2012

 Finance Outstanding

Finance Outstanding: Yes If you feel that this finance agreement has since been settled, please contact us and we will try to verify this with the financial institution in question.

 Previous Enquiries

No. Date Enquiry Type User Type
1 04/09/2017 Irish Full Check Insurance Company
2 28/08/2017 Irish History Check Motor Assessor
3 12/07/2017 Irish Full Check Independent dealer
4 30/08/2017 Full Check Private
5 11/08/2017 Irish Finance Check Franchise dealer
6 11/08/2017 Valuation Insurance Consultant


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