Tips And Advice When Buying a Car at Car Auction

Buying a car from a car auction? Here are some tips from

Before you go to the car auction, have an idea of what car or model you want to purchase. Make sure to go to a website like Car Buyers Guide to see how much the car is worth. Then when you go to the auction you will be more confident on making sure you are getting a good deal.

Don’t purchase your car on your first visit. Go to a few car auctions before you consider attending one and making a bid. By doing this you get a feel for the atmosphere and can chat to auction staff, dealers or customers too who could provide you with some valuable tips. It’s also important to arrive early at a car auction as this allows you to do all the research on the car, rather than being late and not doing all the required research you need.

It’s important to do a car history check before purchasing the car to check the mileage of the car or to check if the car has been stolen.

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