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UK Car History Check

Was: € 25 Now: € 19
(Does not include: UK Finance Check)
Check the background history of any UK vehicle (Write-off, Previous Damage, Stolen, Clocked). Fact: 1 in every 10 UK vehicles imported have been written-off Get a UK Car Reg Check Online and Reveal The Background History of Any UK Vehicle In Seconds!

Report includes:
  • Full Vehicle Identity Check
  • Insurance Write-Off Check
  • Damage Alert (Exclusive)
  • Mileage Check (Exclusive)
  • UK Stolen Car Check (Exclusive)
  • MOT History Check
  • Imported Vehicle Check
  • Irish Road Tax Status & Costings Check
  • No. of Owners & recent date of sale
  • Model Modifications (Exclusive)
  • VIN & V5 Partial Number for Verification
  • Engine Number Provided
  • 2 Weeks Breakdown Assist (Exclusive)
  • Auction Data (Exclusive)
  • NCT Common Failures (Exclusive)
  • Previous Enquiries (Exclusive)
  • Vehicle Running Cost (Exclusive)
Importance of a UK Car History Check:
  • 1 in every 10 UK vehicles imported have been written-off
  • 1 in every 20 UK vehicle have a mileage discrepancy
  • Over 650 UK vehicle written off every day
  • 30 UK Vehicles are stolen every day


What do they say about us?

star rating

Just like to say thank you , due to your help with my inquiry you managed to steer me away from a car that had 200k shaved off it ....

Thanks again


Joe McCullagh


star rating

Very user friendly website and you showed me that there were 7 owners on a 4 year old car. No thanks.


Siobhan Blackwell


star rating

Great service well worth a look


Phillip Scannell


star rating

Money well spent and I have already recommended your website to friends and family.


Declan O Reilly


irish and uk flags IRL/GB