On-site Car Inspection

Price: € 249
Have a highly qualified leading Automotive Technical Consultant Engineer and Assessor go to a location of your choice and carry out a detailed pre-purchase car inspection. Find Out More.

Report includes:
  • 101 multipoint check by Qualified Engineer
  • Interior Vehicle Inspection
  • Seatbelts and SRS Inspection
  • Bodywork Exterior Inspection
  • Rear Luggage Compartment Inspection
  • Under-Bonnet Vehicle Inspection
  • Wheels and Tyres Inspection
  • Vehicle Brakes Inspection
  • Steering and Suspension Inspection
  • Vehicle Lighting and Electrics Inspection
  • Underbody Vehicle Inspection
  • Road Test
Importance of an On-site Car Inspection:
  • Can potentially save lives by identifying major repair defects
  • Can save money by highlighting any necessary work required
  • Will clarify if the vehicle is safe and roadworthy
  • Gives confidence that you're making a good choice