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Irish Car History Check

Was: € 25 Now: € 19
(Does not include: Irish Finance Check)
Check the background history of any Irish vehicle (Write-off, Previous Damage, Stolen, Clocked). Fact: 4 in every 10 written-off Irish vehicles back on the road Be Safe when buying a used car and get an Irish Car History Check. Get your report today.

Report includes:
  • Full Vehicle Identity Check
  • Insurance Write-Off Check
  • Damage Alert (Exclusive to MyVehicle)
  • Imported Vehicle Check
  • Mileage Check (Exclusive to MyVehicle)
  • Irish Stolen Car Check (Exclusive to MyVehicle)
  • Previous Taxi / Hackney Check
  • NCT/CVRT Status Check
  • Road Tax Status & Costings Check
  • No. of Owners & Owner Type Check
  • Date of sale & sale history
  • Model Modifications (Exclusive to MyVehicle)
  • Manufacturer Recall Data
  • VIN & VLC Verification
  • Engine Number Provided
  • 2 Weeks Breakdown Assist (Exclusive to MyVehicle)
  • Auction Data (Exclusive to MyVehicle)
  • NCT Common Failures (Exclusive to MyVehicle)
  • Previous Enquiries (Exclusive to MyVehicle)
  • Vehicle Running Cost (Exclusive to MyVehicle)
Importance of an Irish Car History Check:
  • 4 in every 10 written-off Irish vehicles back on the road
  • 1 in every 5 Irish vehicles clocked
  • Increase in Irish vehicles being stolen & cloned
  • Increase in fake NCT certificates


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I was interested in buying a used car but was a little worried about buying from a private buyer. I purchased a My Vehicle report that revealed that the car...

I was viewing was previously clocked. I ran the same history check with a leading competitor to discover that they had no alert on the vehicle. I rang the My vehicle team immediately for assistance and they were extremely helpful. They were able to disclose crucial information that the competitor failed to do. It saved me from buying a complete lemon!


Sean Walsh


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Saved me from buying a car that had been previously written in the UK.


Mark Doyle


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Website provided me with information on car that was unknown and made a big impact on not buying the car. Great service to have


Rachel Dunne


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