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I couldn't believe all of the info the my vehicle report was able to provide. It prevented me from buying a car with an invalid NCT


Henry McMahon


star rating

Very user friendly website and you showed me that there were 7 owners on a 4 year old car. No thanks.


Siobhan Blackwell


star rating

Just want to say I am very impressed with the detail and efficiency of this report.


Concubhar Mc Carthy


star rating

It's very hard to find an honest face today. The history bundle package allowed me split the good from the bad, helping me pick the right car.


Conor Dalton


star rating

This is my first time using this service and i found it excellent from the chap on the phone to the report i received in the post which was very...

good, all i needed to know about the car so thank you for the help


Ger Dwyeri


star rating

Fantastic service. I instantly received the full check report on my phone. It was also emailed to me so I could print it off.


Colm Brady


star rating

Report is really good and full of detailed information that helped me make my decision on my car purchase.


Robert Dempsey


star rating

The reports are so low costing and really put your mind at ease. Especially if you are buying privately!


Helen Cody


star rating

Website is great! Products and pricing clearly displayed so you know exactly what you are getting.


Greg O'Sullivan


star rating

A friend encouraged me to do a background check on a car before purchasing it but I didn't know where to start. I rang the my vehicle team just ...

for some information and they guided me through it all providing some much appreciated advice. Professional and friendly!


Emma Murray


star rating

Selling a car privately was more difficult than I had anticipated but by providing a potential buyer with a my vehicle full check report I was able to prove the...

car was worth it. Great Service!


Stuart Bolger


star rating

Bought a car in northern Ireland, done s full check without any problems, full history from England also included, Great service.


Ken Clarke


star rating

Ran a valuation report on my phone while I was in a garage looking at a car. Helped me get the right price. Delighted with the service.


Glenn Byrne


star rating

Absolutely amazing company, I went to view 5 cars, some dealers and some private and thankfully I used MyVehicle.ie too do checks because 4 of them were written off...

in the UK!!! The lads are great help and for the price. I couldn't recommend them more !! Saved me a lot of money and hassle . Thanks lads. I've told all my friends and family about this company and assured them there the best around.


Dillon Lyons


star rating

The motor industry can be a daunting place if you have no knowledge of it. Heading out by myself to view a car seemed pointless. A friend told me that...

My Vehicle were offering on-site inspections with a fully qualified engineer. The engineer was so friendly and helpful. He took his time explaining and re explaining his examination. Definitely worth it. It’s nice to have an industry expert on your side.


Karen Flanagan


star rating

Slogan is 100% accurate...every vehicle does have a past! The report highlighted many potential problems with the car saving me from losing out on a large sum of money. Thanks...



Mary Hackett


star rating

Very quick with detailed information that costs less than other providers. Happy customer.


Philip Scannell


star rating

Excellent service highly recommended


Rory Kavanagh


star rating

Great website and vehicle reports. Well done and I really hope that you give the other over priced companies a run for their money. I’ll certainly be recommending MyVehicle.ie


Brian Egan


star rating

Cheap report that provides you with everything you need to know!


Philip Davin


Why do a vehicle history check?

Car history check

The used car you are looking to purchase may have a hidden past, which you will never know of unless you subscribe for MyVehicle.ie’s car history report. Doing this will help you confidently purchase a used car knowing it is safe and legal to drive. Here are a few details that our used car check report will help you uncover about the used car you are interested in purchasing.

Doing a car history check on the vehicle you are interested in purchasing is extremely important, given how much it can tell about the status and condition of the car. In addition to the above checks, our report also includes a number of other important details like CO2 emission ratings, vehicle recall data, EURO-NCAP safety ratings, and more.

Use MyVehicle.ie to have the truth about the vehicle you are buying revealed!

Every vehicle has a past, check if it has a future!

Why Choose My Vehicle?

irish ownedIndependent and wholly-owned Irish company
My Vehicle is fully-owned and operated by Vehicle Management System, one of Ireland’s premier automotive services firms. Our team is composed of industry experts who have years of experience working with big data related to the automotive industry. We also closely work with various industry specialists and government bodies to verify, establish, and report accurate details about the history of the vehicle. Thus, we empower Irish customers to make the right buying.

trusted data sourceData comes from trusted, independent sources
Our data only comes from trusted, independent sources, so your report will only include the most accurate information and details. Our Ireland car checks offer comprehensive data, so you know that the car you are purchasing will last you a long time.

low costLow costing service and outstanding alerts
We offer one of the most affordable and low-cost car check services in Ireland, despite providing the most accurate and reliable data. With our Ireland and UK car check service, you get all the information you need about the car you are looking to purchase, without spending a lot of money - this helps you save your money for the actual car purchase.

Vehicle check includes

  • Full Vehicle Identity Check
  • Irish Finance Check
  • Current iCAP Valuation (Exclusive)
  • Insurance Write-Off Check
  • Imported Vehicle Check
  • Mileage Check (Exclusive)
  • Damage Alert (Exclusive)
  • Stolen Car Check (Exclusive)
  • Previous Taxi / Hackney Check
  • NCT/CVRT Status Check
  • Road Tax Status & Costings Check
  • No. of Owners & Owner Type Check
  • Most recent date of sale & sale history Check
  • Recorded Model Modifications (Exclusive)
  • VIN & VLC Partial Number for Verification
  • Engine Number Provided
  • Common NCT Failures (Exclusive)
  • Previous Enquiries (Exclusive)

Get a Vehicle History Check today by simply entering your car registration above.

Ireland and UK Car Check with MyVehicle.ie

We have been operating in the Irish automotive sector for a long time and thus have forged partnerships with various government and industry organizations. These relationships help us provide you instant alerts with regard to the status of the vehicle you are looking to purchase. This ensures you won’t have to wait for long to hear back from us and can purchase a truly good used car as soon as possible. If you have any queries regarding the report you receive or the checks that have been conducted, you can reach out to our stellar customer service team - we are more than happy to help you.

The vehicle you are trying to purchase may be scrapped, stolen, or imported - purchasing a used car like this could cause you to spend thousands of euros even after you make your purchase. Protect yourself and your money by running a car history check, with MyVehicle.ie!