Abandoned 1930’s era cars discovered in old quarry

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Abandoned 1930’s era cars discovered in old quarry

A previously undiscovered collection of abandoned cars from the World War Two-era has been discovered in a small quarry in rural central France.

It is believed that they were hidden away at the start of the war to avoid them being requisitioned. The cars have been rusting away in the same spot for over 70 years now.

[caption id="attachment_1828" align="alignnone" width="821"]js114759753_caters-news-agency_wwii-car-discovery-large_transwsm3hskyb1s8n9mpygoigwqr7htn0djtvgl3czzlwxo "It felt like we were walking back in time, 70 years ago, and I just wondered how on earth it was possible!" CREDIT: CATERS[/caption]

The treasure trove of cars was photographed by Urban explorer and photographer, Vincent Michel, a Belgian PE teacher.

"Almost all the cars were empty, with the shells the only things remaining.

"Shortly after we were there the owner pulled a few of them out to sell at auction, but most of the cars are still at peace inside the quarry, too damaged to move.

"It was an unbelievable experience, and I really hope to find a similar place in the future."

[caption id="attachment_1829" align="alignnone" width="822"]js114759700_caters-news-agency_wwii-car-discovery-large_transbmr798awdzck9udqfumymz_5hpz_g82ajdqpipg7axm Lines of rusted 1930s vehicles have been discovered in a remote French quarry. It is thought the vehicles were stored away from the German Army at the start of WWII CREDIT: FOTO-RUNNER/ CATERS NEWS**[/caption]

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