Apple gets approval to test autonomous cars on real roads

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Apple gets approval to test autonomous cars on real roads

Apple has decided to get into the autonomous vehicle game and they have gotten approval to test autonomous cars on real roads.

Apple has just been granted official permission in the United States to test autonomous driving technology.

This adds another major entrant into the autonomous vehicle race which is already becoming extremely competitive.

With real road autonomous vehicle testing on California roads, it could mean that the future of safer driving is just around the corner.

Driverless Apple

Apple is known for their innovation and their sleek and efficient phones and computers and with them entering into the autonomous automotive industry this could indicate very interesting times ahead for the burgeoning autonomous motor industry.

Just this past Friday, Apple was granted the official test permit by the California Department of Motor Vehicles that allows them to test autonomous driving.

The company will use its technical expertise in three 2015 Lexus RX 450h hybrid vehicles on sunny California roads.

Project Titan

Apple’s autonomous vehicle project is being called Project Titan and it has remained somewhat of a mystery. In fact, Apple hasn’t even publicly recognized the existence of their project yet.

As far as we know, the project started last year and the company has no choice but to move it’s project up into the next level during 2017 and reveal some of its accomplishments.

Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, Infiniti, and BMW, as well as many more Tech and automotive companies, are all working on autonomous driving systems.

Stiff competition

The competition is steep but at this stage, it is not likely that Apple is targeting Tesla Motors as a head-to-head competitor.

It seems Apple has no plans to manufacture and sell their own autonomous vehicles. Instead, according to Neil Cybart, an independent Apple analyst, “They are working on a transportation platform.” It seems as though Apple plans to focus on improved machine-learning systems that can be used for automation and not self-driving cars themselves.


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