Why Modifications are not cool


Generally, most of the performance and aesthetic modifications are very expensive & they are even known to increase the cost of your Car's insurance premium. Every now and then we consider, specially if we are young, kitting our vehicle with some latest alloys, bigger wheels, sports exhaust or tune up the old engine. Although, when you personalize your car & make it hi-tech,  you also quickly bump-up the insurance. Here's why some modifications are best when avoided.

Fuel economy:

It is highly recommended to get rid of all unnecessary load off your vehicle inorder to save fuel. With heavy tires and bigger alloys you might end paying a little extra for the fuel. A sports exhaust will have a similar impact on the vehicle.


Car modifications have a direct impact on your driving and looking at the state of roads in this country, it is highly recommended to take special concern. Many modified wheels are also fitted with low profile tires, which means they are a lot more likely to suffer punctures.

Noise and emissions:

In order to pass the NCT the car has to go through specific Noise and emission tests. Sports exhausts have a major effect on fuel economy & they are also capable of breaching noise and harmful emission levels, resulting in a failed NCT .


Upgraded stereos and Latest specs tend to make your car more attractive to thieves, and your car probably won’t have the security to match. They can also cause electrical problems if they haven’t been fitted correctly.


To start off, it is worth mentioning that not all vehicle modifications are legal. If found making changes to the vehicle which are labeled as illegal, may result in you being prosecuted. It can also result in your car insurance policy being invalidated.

It is often a subject of discussion as why most insures won't cover cars that have tinted windows. The answer is that car windscreen should let in 70% of the light, as they can significantly restrict the drivers vision.

Although, people are permitted to have personalized 'Number Plates' as long as the law is being adhered, i.e you must use the correct font and spacing.

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