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Car of the Year 2018: seven shortlisted for award

Seven cars have made it to a shortlist for the Car of the Year 2018

A jury of 60 members from 23 countries have started to adjudicate in the process to discover which is the Car of the Year 2018.

The seven cars were chosen from a longlist of 37 new models launched this year.

All contenders for the prestigious title are new vehicles on sale now or before year’s end in five or more European markets.

Back in October the original long list of 37 models were brought together for a week-long test event in northern Denmark.

The test event was organised on behalf of the car of the year jury, which includes road testing and detailed briefings on the cars.

The candidate vehicles are also put through their paces at a local airfield, where they have to complete a set of tests, including the so-called Elk test, which involves double lane changes at speeds up to 90km/h.

For the past few years now, they have also tested the car’s active emergency braking system.

The seven shortlisted cars then go  on to take part in various test events, including a two-day judging session at the renowned Mortefontaine car testing facility in France, before a final voting round takes place.

A single winner will be revealed on the eve of the Geneva Motor show on March 5th, 2018.

The Car of the Year 2017 winner was the Peugeot 3008 crossover


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