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How to check if a vehicle is officially taxed?

Motor tax for your vehicle is a legal requirement in Ireland. If you own a car you are legally required to display evidence of your road tax. Once someone has paid for their tax on a vehicle they are issued with a motor tax disc. This will be a tax disc displayed beside the NCT disc and insurance in the front of the window of your car. Not paying the tax and displaying the tax disc may result in a fine or further prosecution. Motor tax is designated to be used to care for the roads of Ireland and continuously upgrade them.

How to check if the vehicle you own is taxed?

If you own the vehicle you simply have to head to and enter the vehicles registration number and a pin to retrieve your tax information. Once you enter your registration number you will be provided with the tax band and cost of annual Taxation, semi-annual Taxation, quarterly Taxation and arrears per month. To check if your car is taxed now go to MotorTax.

How to check if the vehicle you want to buy is taxed? Free Registration Check will reveal the annual cost of taxing the vehicle. If a consumer proceeds with purchasing the report we will disclose the expiry date of its existing disc and previous tax disc expiry dates. The report will also detail tax gaps, highlighting when it may have been off the road. However if you are in the market for a car but don’t know the registration you can also check the cost of the taxation at Motor Tax . By following the link you can simply select what type of vehicle it is i.e. Standard Private and then you will be provided with a list of costs.

How to check if a vehicle has completed the NCT?

The National Car Test (NCT) in Ireland is a compulsory test for your car and it is an offence to drive a car without completing this exam and displaying a National Car Testing Service disc. Not completing the test may result in a fine or penalty points so it is extremely important that you know how to check if the car you own or a car you want to buy has done the NCT exam. The due date for your car NCT is determined from the first time you register the car. For cars younger than ten years old it is a legal requirement that tests are done every two years and for vehicles older than ten years it is completed annually.

How to check if the vehicle you own is NCTed?

If you own the vehicle you want to check the NCT on you can simply look at the national car testing service disc displayed at the front of your car. When a car successfully passes the NCT, a valid NCT certificate disc is given to the owner which must be displayed on the front window of the car. On the national car test website, you can check the NCT due date of the car by entering you vehicle registration number into the display box which tells you the due date of your NCT and your NCT certificate expiry date.

How to check if the vehicle you want to buy is NCTed?

If you decide you want to buy a used car you may want to verify if the vehicle you want to buy has its NCT completed. can tell you if the car has been NCT'ed and give you the NCT Expiry history. A report will also display the annual running cost of the vehicle.


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