Chinese gunman uses cars as target practice

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Chinese gunman uses cars as target practice!

It has been reported this morning by the South China Morning Post, that a man in China allegedly used 20 different vehicles near his home as target practice!

The Chinese gunman had in mind to align the sights of his new air rifle by firing at the parked vehicles which were nearby his apartment block.

The man in his 30s, who lived in a rented apartment in Hefei, in Anshui province,was detained by police this week after several car owners had complained that their cars had been damaged by gunshots.

The man who was identified by his surname Chen admitted firing at the cars over a period of four days and he allegedly told the police that he was practising with his new air rifle and trying to get the sights aligned.

A number of windscreens were damaged in the bizarre incident when they were hit by the air pellets in the residential area.

Police checked the CCTV footage from surveillance cameras and found that the shots had been fired from the same apartment on the fifth floor of one of the residential buildings in the area.

The man was then arrested and it transpired that he had still more than 600 pellets left in his apartment. He had bought the rifle online even though it is illegal to have a weapon without a permit in mainland China.

The possession of guns is illegal on the mainland. People need to apply for permission from the authorities if they wish to own an air rifle or air pistol.

Just as well he was arrested before he shot off the rest of the 600 pellets. The neighbours were none pleased, as you can imagine. No one was injured in the shootings.


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