Could This Be The Worst Attempt to Doctor a Tax Disk Ever?


An Garda Síochána stopped a car in Galway at the weekend in which the driver was using their mobile phone while driving and in the process discovered possibly the most comical attempt at a doctored tax disk in Irish history.

At first glance, an observer could be fooled into thinking the disk is normal but on closer examination you will immediately spot the deception.

The attempt is so blatantly obvious, it looks like a five year old did it but in actual fact a five year old could have done a better job.

The disk was easily spotted by the Guards in Galway and they tweeted the find.
“Well, what can we marks for effort and two marks on the disk, equals Fraud…”

As you can see from the disk, the numbers 3 has been changed to the number 8 and the number 6 has also been edited to look like the number 8 in an effort to change the original expiry date from 03-16 to 08-18.

The hilarious aspect to this fraud is that the tax disk has more than two years to expire when in reality tax disks can only be issued for the maximum of one year.

You cannot tax your vehicle for more than a 12-month-period so a disc with an expiry date of August 2018 would not even be in issue.

In another stroke of genius, the motorist also forgot to change the year (2016) at the top of the disk to match their new expiry year of 2018. The same omission can be observed on the lower right-hand corner of the disc.

Another glaring omission from the disk is the amount of tax paid. You will notice that the yearly tax amount for the vehicle is €1,034 but the motorist actually only paid for a three month period from January to March 2016.

Altering a tax disc is fraud and therefore a crime resulting in court penalties and fines.



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