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When buying a car some people have a fixation on style or brand, many are concerned about spaciousness and safety features for family while few consider their pet's requirements.  As laughable as this idea may seem to some, the dogmobile is on the rise. Unfortunately car companies have yet to jump on board.

If you were to ask a dealer what pet features the car obtains,  I'm sure the first thing that they may say is that the seat material doesn't latch onto pet hair. What use is this when you are in a collision?! While every other passenger will be securely restrained in their seat, your pup is flung forward, potentially breaking their neck from trajectory resulting in a fatality. When will pet restraints be enforced?

Until pet restraints are built into cars or the owner purchases one, the car can not be deemed as pet friendly. It's illegal to drive with an unrestrained child in your vehicle so why is it acceptable for your pet? Until this is done then all we can do is opt for a vehicle with the following elements.

    • A rear lift gate allows your dog to jump in and out of the car easily. Also useful carriers.

    • A sunroof to allow circulation of fresh air.

    • Large booth space or fold-Flat seats to allow dogs to stretch

    • Rear cargo-attachment ringlets help keep carriers and crates from sliding around.

    • A boot divider preventing your dog from jumping up the front while the vehicle is in motion.  

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irish and uk flags IRL/GB