Driving Doctor perfects telematics data management

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Telematics data management and Telemetry

The Driving Doctor  a new driver behaviour software provider is claiming that they can remove a major obstacle that has hindered the uptake of telematics.

Like most scientific terminologies, the words telematics and telemetry has their root meaning in the Greek and relates to remote operations with a given object.

The term  “telemetry” is probably better known than the science of which it is derived, telematics. Telemetry found its place in our language much earlier on along when it was first used in descriptive terms for the launch of the first ballistic missiles.

Telemetry can give a lot of data about any remote object such as in the case of flight, altitude, distance, fuel consumption, velocity and so on.

Telematics:  refers to the science relating to the processes of data inter-exchange by means of communications. It could be understood in similar terms which we are familiar with such as, for example, “mathematics” or “Kinematics”. The term “telematics” is being used more and more frequently by manufacturers of equipment that on consumer level uses the communication with distant objects.

Telemetry: in its restricted sense means a remote acquisition of information about an object, and to its wide extent – control over an object by means of data reception & analysis and transmission of the control commands back to an object.

Which tasks is telematics able to solve?

The knowledge base related to telematics is broadening constantly and with the onset of autonomous vehicles and futuristic self- driving vehicle.

Telematic systems are based on data flows in relation to systems of logistics and optimization on the basis of GPS (Global Positioning System) and GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System) monitoring. But the implementation range and possibilities of such solutions is huge.

What telemetry is capable for?

A fully-fledged telemetry system for a vehicle will usually correspond to at least two criteria: to be able to register the whole data flow in a timely manner which can be released by all sensors of the controlled device and to possess the correct commands set which could be accepted and processed by all controlled elements of the system.

Direct data feed from telematics

The Driving Doctor is the brainchild of the driving safety guru Paul Ripley who has been working on his telematic project for the last five years.

The system takes a direct feed from the telematic data which is captured by the vehicle's onboard device and converts the raw data into a series of actionable education notifications, including emails, interactive features and campaigns that can constantly send key information to the driver specifically encouraging them to drive more safely.

Fleet managers are excited about the latest developments in the science of telematics as they see the benefits of receiving real-time access to a driver's dashboard via an online portal which enables them to see how their drivers are performing.

Under the system it is possible to ascertain if the driver is adhering to the safety instructions coming from the system and new instructions can be issued should drivers ignore their bespoke coaching prompts or if they fail to address any consistently poor or unsafe driving habits.




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