Ford release world's first hybrid police pursuit vehicle

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In an industry first, the Ford motor company in the United States has announced the world's first hybrid police pursuit vehicle with the release of their new police-duty-ready Fusion Hybrid police car.

The new hybrid police car will be ready to tackle everyday law enforcement duties while saving on fuel and being more environmentally friendly than other police vehicles.

The car has been officially named the Police Responder Hybrid Sedan which is a bit of a mouthful but we get the point.

The vehicle is EPA-rated to do 38 miles per gallon with its 2.0-litre engine and an electric motor which doesn’t seem all that amazing but it is more than double what the Taurus Police Interceptor is rated at doing at 18 mpg.

The new hybrid police vehicle is certainly more efficient as it uses its electric system to power the electronics while the car is stationary and shuts off the internal combustion engine.

It not only pollutes far less but it also means that the engine sees a significantly less amount of run hours and this is where the police department would save fuel and money.

When the Hybrid Sedan is running in full-electric mode it can do speeds of up to 60 miles per hour.

Some law enforcement agencies in New York and also the NYPD are currently using the pre-existing Fusion Hybrid for some of their police work but this new model from Ford is specially fitted out to handle more demand in a harsh line of work.

The car will be put through its testing stage by the Michigan State Police and also the Los Angeles Police Department later in 2017.

Orders for the Police Responder will open to Police Forces in the spring.


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