Free Car Check


What is a Free Car Check?

The free car check provided by is a basic identity check of the vehicle in question so that customers can view the basic details of the car and determine that the actual specific identity of the car is sound.

The MyVehicle free car check service allows the user to enter the registration number of the vehicle they are interested in buying and by doing so they can match the reg number on the vehicle with the registration number supplied by the free check. 

What does a free car check contain?

The free MyVehicle identity check from can tell you the following details about the car:
  • The Registration Number of the car
  • A brief Vehicle Description showing the Make, Model and Version
  • The Body Type which includes the number of doors and body type
  • The Colour of the vehicle in question
  • The Year the car was registered
  • We will also show the number of records we hold on the vehicle (please note: that this includes ALL vehicle data records and not just negative ones)
  • The estimated Vehicle’s Running Costs (this is the estimated annual running cost of the vehicle based on the average mileage for that car per year eg. 15,000 km)
  • Finally, the free car check will also display the report options available to purchase from
The report will tell you if there are any previous mileage readings on the vehicle as well as letting you know that the car has additional essential information that can be

Why you should Purchase a Full Car History Check

If you are interested in buying a used car, you should always run a Full History Check. Buying a report from is essential as every vehicle out there has a past, whether that is good or bad. 

Buying a car history check report before buying a used car is so important so as to avoid potential future problems. You should remember that the cost of the report is just a fraction of the cost of repair, especially if you buy a car and have not checked if it has been written-off for example.

Importance of an Irish History Check

  • 1 out of 6 Irish vehicles have outstanding finance
  • 4 out of 10 Irish vehicles back on the road are written-off
  • 1 out of 5 Irish vehicles are clocked
  • Increase in Irish vehicles being stolen and cloned
  • Increase in fake NCT certificates

Why purchase a Car History Check?

By purchasing a car history check from MyVehicle you will find out if the car has been damaged and written-off or if the car has been clocked. You will also find out if the car was previously stolen or cloned or has been a taxi in the past.

The history check report will also identify if the vehicle has been imported from the UK and if you do a full check, it will tell you if the car still has outstanding finance owed, for which you will be liable if you purchase the car.

Vehicle Check Includes:

  • Full Car ID Check
  • Irish Finance Check
  • Vehicle Valuation
  • Written-Off Check
  • Imported Vehicle
  • Mileage Reading
  • Was it a Taxi or Hackney
  • Does it have NCT or CVRT
  • Road Tax Status
  • Costings Check
  • Number of Owners
  • Type of previous Owner
  • Date of last sale & sale history
  • Modifications in the model
  • Vehicle Identification Number for Verification
  • Vehicle Engine Number
  • Damage Alerts if any