Gardai concerned over increased amount of road deaths

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Concerns rise for drivers on Irish roads with more road deaths than ever 

Guards are concerned about the behaviour of Irish drivers recently as they have noted an increased amount of road deaths this year. 

93 people died on Irish roads in 84 collisions so far this year which is an increase of six deaths in comparison to 2018 figures. 

Stats have shown that 52 drivers, 10 passengers, 15 pedestrians, 10 motorcyclists and six cyclists have died on our roads. With 70 of these deaths occurring on rural roads with speeds of up to 80 km/h or higher. 

Reports from Inspector Joe O’Connor of the Roads Policing Unit Cork North at a checkpoint near Mallow, Co. Cork have noted a rise in speeding, mobile phone use and seatbelt misuse. 

There is a plea for motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians to make themselves more visible to those around them in the interest of their safety. The onus is also on motorists to be more aware of these other road users for their safety and the safety of everyone else. 

If we are all a little more conscious it will make a difference. 


Justin Kavanagh
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