Google car that can make a three-point turn

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Google cars are now officially better than Bulgarian drivers!

Google’s self-driving cars have now been programmed to do perfect three point turns.

The giant tech company has finally done something that drivers in Bulgaria have apparently never learned to do. Bulgarians are seemingly notorious for their avoidance of three-point turns, instead, opting to simply reverse at high speed to the nearest intersection, which means that pedestrians are put in great danger when crossing the roads because there could be someone coming backwards on their side of the road.

According to Google, their three-point turns were an artform, especially in very tight areas where a turn three-point turn normally would take seven or eight maneuvers.

We have now reached the point where this autonomous technology is now performing better than human drivers.

The maneuvers are performed with the aid of the vehicle’s 360-degree vision and constant calculations and recalculations.

The new Google cars were programmed to recognize everything from parked cars to rubbish bins when making the three-point turns. Google says that its autonomous cars practice about 1,000 turns every week.


What is amazing about this new technology is that they have even programmed the cars to mimic the natural feeling of how a human might execute a similar turn. The cars will mostly conduct the turn by using wider arcs with more forward motion. This can be a bit slower but it is naturally more comfortable for passengers.

Google has charted all the collisions and there has only been one incident in the past month. His incident occurred when one of Google’s gumdrop cars was at a stop sign, yielding to traffic, when it was rear-ended by a human driver at a net velocity of three miles per hour. The gumdrop had some slight damage on the hatch but other than that, all was fine.

Now that Google’s smart car has well beaten the Bulgarians, it will be up to Google to try another amazing feat and send its gumdrop down the M50 and on through the Walkinstown Roundabout!

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