Irish motorists offered discount on their insurance if they install a dash cam

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Nextbase Dashcam

In a bid to cut down on fraudulent injury claims, Irish motorists are being offered a discount on their insurance if they install a dash cam.

AXA Insurance is offering their customers a 10% discount off their car insurance policies if they install a Nextbase dash cam in their vehicle.

The insurance company announced the incentive as they launch an exclusive partnership with Nextbase.

The aim is to allow Irish customers save money on their insurance premium and help protect motorists when liability in an accident is under dispute.

Having a  dash cam in a vehicle is aimed at reducing the number of fraudulent claims that are made while establishing any level of liability in the event of a crash. The presence of a dash cam also helps protect a customer’s no-claims discount after a non-fault collision.

In conjunction with the offer from Axa insurance, dashcams are being sold with a 10% discount in retailers such as Nextbase, Halfords, DID, Powercity, Expert Electrical,, Euronics Electrical, Soundstore and Sam McCauleys nationwide. Antoinette McDonald, Partner and Customer Experience Director at AXA, said:

“Unfortunately, motor collisions are a regular occurrence on Irish roads and it is often the case when settling these claims that witness accounts may not exist or may vary or it can take time to obtain Garda evidence."
"Dash cams offer a great way for drivers to get extra peace of mind when they are on the road and can be helpful resolve issues when liability is disputed. This partnership with Nextbase provides AXA customers with peace of mind along with savings on both the cost of their insurance and the cost of purchasing a Nextbase dash cam,”

Dash cams can be bought from the above retailers from between €69.99 and €299.99.


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