Motorists shunning diesel cars while eco-friendly sales rise


Motorists shunning diesel cars while eco-friendly sales rise

The move against diesel fuel is accelerating. Industry figures in the UK are suggesting that motorists are shunning diesel cars, as they turn to buying more eco-friendly cars.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders in the UK (SMMT) said that 78,778 diesel cars were sold in January, a drop of 4.3% on the same month last year.

Over the same time, period sales of electric cars and other alternatively-fuelled vehicles (AFVs) jumped by 19.9%.

AFV’s are now accounting for more than 4% of the market.

Sales of diesel cars have been falling for several months, following publicity about pollution and health issues it would seem that the trends in Ireland will follow suit.

Diesel fuel is gradually being phased out to make way for cleaner energy and revelations of manipulated engine software to distort emissions data during tests has not helped either diesel fuel’s reputation or that of the Volkswagen motor company and no doubt, other manufacturers, as well.

Back in December 2016, sales of diesel cars were down by 6.8% from the same month a year earlier so all the negative headlines about the diesel emissions scandal must be hitting sales hard as in the same period a record number of cars have been sold in the UK?

Amazingly, the emission scandal hasn’t seemed to affect Volkswagen at all as their overall sales haven’t been affected.

Several big cities around the world have said they want to ban diesel cars within 10 years, because of the pollution they cause.

The trend against the fuel is increasing, for example, a group of medical doctors has called on the Mayor of London to ban them in the capital and also diesel drivers will be hit with extra parking from April.

Governments are also contemplating diesel scrappage schemes, to encourage motorists to get rid of their diesel vehicles.

In contrast to that, motorists who buy electric or hybrid petrol/electric are being incentified.

What happens in the UK and the wider European context will most likely be implemented in Ireland as well.

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