New Clamping Laws Come Into Effect


New clamping laws came into effect yesterday across Ireland.

Motorists are being advised of the new clamping laws based on The Vehicle Clamping Act of 2015 will start today across the country, which will see changes to how cars are clamped and how motorists will be treated.

Drivers will now have the chance to appeal if their car has been clamped. This will be a two-tier appeals process and the maximum fee for clamped vehicles is due to be set.

Anywhere clamping is in operation there will have to be adequate signage.  

The Act will also allow alleged breached clamping be investigated, and a code of practice will be implemented.

In recent times there have been calls for new laws due to the lack of regulation of clamping activity.

The new changes to the law are just some of the regulations that are coming into place today. Many more will be coming into effect this October 1.

The full act can be read here.