New safety measures take effect in October to keep dangerous cars off the roads.

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Starting October 1st, a new regulation will require insurance companies to report written-off vehicles to the Department of Transport. This means insurers will be legally obligated to inform the department whenever they deem a car unrepairable, along with details on salvageable parts.

Currently, the department maintains ownership records for all vehicles. Previously, when an insurance company declared a car beyond repair (due to damage or high repair costs), there was no central reporting system.

Consumers who unknowingly purchase a written-off vehicle can contact the consumer protection agency (CCPC) to understand their rights and options, and are also advised to report the matter to the police. The number of written-off vehicles annually is estimated to be in the tens of thousands.

While the Act was passed years ago, additional legislation was required to clarify the legal definition of a "vehicle insurer" before this specific part could be enacted.

Time was provided to insurers (until October 1st) to allow them to set up the necessary systems to report written-off vehicles to the Department of Transport.

This new measure is a response to growing concerns about the rise in road fatalities in Ireland. The government and the Road Safety Authority are also taking other actions, such as reforming the penalty point system and speed limits, and addressing the issue of learner drivers who keep renewing their permits without taking the driving test.

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