Petrol and diesel cars to be banned by 2030!

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German weekly news magazine, Der Spiegel has dramatically announced that Germany's Upper House, the Bundesrat last week passed a resolution that seeks to ban petrol and diesel vehicles from European roads from 2030.

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Apparently, the German Government has been in consultation with the EU Commission in order to "evaluate the past tax and duty practices of the Member States on their effectiveness with regard to the promotion of emission-free mobility ... so that only emission-free passenger cars are permitted at the latest from 2030 onwards."

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In other words, it wants a review of the tax breaks diesel cars enjoy and transference of these diesel incentives to emissions-free vehicles instead.

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That means totally emission-free passenger cars within 14 years. If this was to happen, Germany would have to meet the climate treaty quotas with CO2 emissions being reduced by up to 95% by 2050. One measure being implemented is the promotion of electric mobility but so far this has not had the desired effect and has had quite limited success.

Electric Mobility - The Future of Motoring

Emissions are taken very seriously by German car manufacturers. BMW, for example, has its ‘I’ brand. The Volkswagen Group, who as we all know were involved in the ‘diesel gate’ debacle, says it will release 30 new battery powered electric vehicles by 2025. Mercedes-Benz is whispered to be planning an all-electric range soon as well.

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The Paris Motor Show underlined this industry shift, with emissions-free vehicles outweighing performance metal on show.

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So could Germany, known for their high-performance petrol cars and diesel cars be fully electric within two decades? We shall wait and see.

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