Tesla Model 3 display cars attracts large crowds


The first official Tesla Model 3 display vehicles arrived at two of Tesla’s retail stores in Los Angeles and Palo Alto.

The Tesla Model 3 is attracting crowds akin to a new Apple product launch day.

Last Friday, Tesla’s Stanford Mall in Palo Alto and its Century City Mall in Los Angeles became the company’s first two retail locations to have a Model 3 on display and there was great interest by the public to see the new Tesla.

Tesla Model 3 display cars attracts large crowds

Tesla plan to add Model 3 display cars to its locations around the US going forward.

As part of this push, the company is ramping up production and will continue the rollout of its latest electric vehicle, the Tesla Model 3.

For now though, these are the only two locations where those who pre-ordered the electric autonomous vehicle or the general public can see the Model 3 and sit in it.

Before the new store opened in Los Angeles, there were already a few dozen people waiting for the doors to open.

Tesla Model 3 display cars attracts large crowds

So much so, the demand to see the Tesla Model 3 is so high right now that Tesla has to limit people to 2 minutes with the vehicle.

Many even had to go away and come back later on in the day where even more people were waiting in line to see the car with a barrier setup.

Some customers had to wait up to an hour and a half to get to see the Model 3 display car and the situation was just the same at the Stanford Mall store in Palo Alto.

It wasn’t quite the same as the level of impressive lines of people during the first day of Model 3 reservations in March 2016 but there was significant crowds out to see the car.