Top 5 innovations in automotive industry 2015/2016

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It’s not enough just to design a car with traditional functions anymore. Manufacturers need to design smart innovative features which will help improve a driver's experience. Here are some of the top innovations in automotive Industries in 2015/2016.

    • Start-stop green technology helps drivers to conserve their fuel by automatically shutting the engine off when idling or if the car comes to a stop e.g. stopping at a red light. The engine similarly turns on the when needed with a simple press of the clutch, giving more mileage in congested cities.

    • Pre-Collision and pedestrian detection technology helping the driver detect blind spots and alerting the driver when they are not paying attention on the road and delivers an audio and visual warning when there is a risk of a head-on collision. If the driver falls asleep and does not respond to the warning, then the system applies the brakes on its own. The two types of sensors include millimetre-wave radar located inside the front grille, and the second is a monocular camera mounted on the upper, inside part of the windshield.

    • Autonomous driving vehicles refer to self-driving cars and the vehicle to vehicle communication modules. It uses technology to drive independently with the help of their pre collision devices including cameras, sensors and brake actuators. Ford is working on autonomous capability with their self-driving fusion hybrids. The improvement of this research with this area could potentially reduce fatalities, car accidents and reduce the amount of traffic on the roads.

    • Vehicle to vehicle communications is an exciting advancement in technology which would allow vehicles to "talk" to each other exchanging pre determined data for example speed and location to avoid collisions, reduce road accidents and overall improve safety. This ability for vehicles to communicate with each other and relay important information is essential for autonomous driving. 

Smart Car which Google who launched its 'Android Auto’ software that can be connected to a car and  Apple also introduced their Carplay software allowing IOS devices to function with built-in displays. This type of technology also enables the driver to access GPS, maps, streaming music, weather, similar to what you can access with a smartphone.

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Justin Kavanagh
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