Total car sales 2016

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Car sales statictics for 2016

    • Total car sales in 2016 - 140,000
    • Private new cars licensed for the first time - 142,688, an increase of 17.8% compared with the previous year.
    • New cars registrations still below the most recent peak in 2007 when 180,754 new vehicles were licensed.
    • Used car import market just under 70,000 imported - up by almost 50% on 2015.
    • That was the highest annual number of used cars imported on record, reflecting the drop in sterling.
    • New goods vehicles 2016 increased by of 22.6% in 2016 to 28,117 -  the highest since 2008's figure of 31,459.
    • Most popular make - Volkswagen 15,163 models licensed.
    • Second most popular make - Toyota 14,772 models licenced
    • Third most popular make -  Hyundai 14,682 models licenced
    • Fourth most popular make - Ford 14,208 models licenced
    • Fifth most popular make - Nissan 11,561 models licenced.
    • Total of top five makes represent 49.3% of all new private cars licensed.
    • Seven out of every ten new private cars licensed in 2016 were diesel.
    • Eight out of every ten new private cars licensed were in lowest CO2 emissions band A.
    • New cars licensed in December - down by almost a fifth COMPARED TO 2015.


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