Truck Driving Chinese Style

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Only in China!


This video recently popped up on YouTube. The video was Shot from a high balcony somewhere in China showing a Scania truck and trailer stuck in a very narrow gap. The narrow roadway between the buildings was just wide enough for the trailer to pass through. For about three minutes, the Chinese trucker attempts to get his rig out onto the main street without obviously damaging the surrounding buildings. As he attempts to perform his 22-point turn, backing in and out of the tiny gap, a helpful passerby guides him through and covering all his blind spots. Eventually, the Chinese trucker gets his rig unstuck without damage to himself or surrounding buildings and goes on his merry way.

Why he was driving an 18-wheeler in a dense residential neighbourhood in the first place, nobody knows? There's no information in the video's description about the driver or the situation. All you can do is look on in amusement at this feat of Chinese trucking and rest assured that this driver is out there, somewhere, strutting his driving prowess.

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