UK Police say defrosting your windscreen may invalidate your car insurance


UK Police say defrosting your windscreen may invalidate your car insurance

UK police have said that drivers should take care when defrosting their windscreen as their car insurance premiums could be invalidated if they do not clear their windscreens fully of any ice and snow.

They suggest that it is worth taking time when defrosting the windscreen on your car since a poorly cleared windscreen could possible trigger fines as well.

We can only imagine that if this is happening with the UK insurance companies that the same thing can happen here in Ireland.

Recent reports have indicated that drivers can land fines of up to £60 if they do not completely remove all the ice from the windscreen before setting off.

Not only that but should drivers leave the car’s engine running on the roadside unattended while defrosting their car they could be hit with a £20 fine as well.

With the very cold weather upon us now, motorists will need to allow more time in the morning to correctly defrost their car's windscreen so it is legal and road safe.

As has mentioned before, motorists that leave their car unattended while defrosting their windscreen unattended car insurer may not pay out.

Staffordshire Police have issued drivers with a list of instructions to avoid car theft in the winter months, with one of these specific to when a driver is “warming" the car up in the morning.

It says: “Don't leave your keys in the vehicle unattended.
“This includes on winter mornings while ‘warming up’ the vehicle.

“Your insurance company is unlikely to compensate you if your car is stolen in this situation.”

Mornings can be frantic which means that this multi-tasking and leaving the car unattended is sometimes unavoidable given the time restraints. The police advise

“Make time to defrost your car – don't leave clearing your windscreen until the last minute,”