Unmarked UK Police Lorry used to catch phone users whilst driving

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UK Police have launched their latest tactical vehicle in a bid to catch drivers breaking the law.

As you can see from the video below, the police have unveiled their massive undercover police lorry complete with flashing blue lights.

The unmarked HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) will give the UK police a much better vantage point to spot motorists texting and using their mobile phones whilst driving.

The HGV lorry has been patrolling the A38 near Plymouth in Devon and has even caught a fellow lorry driver cooking a meal on a hob in his cab.


The white police lorry, complete with flashing lights, is being used to good effect on the roads to catch out dangerous drivers.

The deployment of the truck is part of a policing operation across Devon and Cornwall code-named Operation Allied Wolf.

The lorry was instrumental in spotting a teenager driving his tractor down the dual carriageway while browsing Snapchat on his mobile phone.

The main objective of the large-scale operation is to target those using mobile phones behind the wheel and not really for dramatic police chases.
Chief Inspector Adrian Leisk, said: “The overall aim of Operation Allied Wolf is road casualty reduction, at the same time helping to minimise crime and traffic related incidents in the area.
It may not be long before we see an An Garda Siochána lorry on Irish roads as it seems a quite effective way to catch drivers who are using mobile devices while driving.

Safe driving!


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