Volvo self driving car being tested on real family

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Volvo self driving car being tested on real family

Volvo has just revealed that it is conducting tests on autonomous vehicles by getting the assistance of an ordinary family. 

The four-person Hains family from Gothenburg, Sweden are perfect for marketing, of course, as they serve an important purpose. They are helping Volvo understand how non-engineers deal with self-driving technologies.

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The car manufacturer is seeking to find out how regular everyday people react when the car switches between manual and autonomous modes.

The company is also seeking to understand what the passengers do in the car at those times when they aren't taking the wheel?


Volvo sees the Hain family as a very important part of the Drive Me project, which will see Volvo collaborating with private and public allies on large-scale self-driving tests (up to 100 vehicles) in Gothenburg.

Volvo's plans to launch it’s fully autonomous car fleet by 2021 and with the input from The Hain family, they hope the launch will go off without a hitch.

The goal is for a seamless transition to hands-free mode which helps to accommodate the other things the driver/passenger would like to do in the car, for example, talking to their family.


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