Woman returns from walk in countryside to find vandals have flipped her car on its roof

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Katy Skelton, 25, was out walking in the countryside but when she returned to her car she found her new blue Mini had been flipped over onto its roof.

The little blue mini was badly damaged following the senseless attack near popular Cave Hill in Belfast, Northern Ireland.


Katy and her friends were horrified that vandals had flipped her new car onto its roof for no apparent reason.

Ms Skelton, who is a mental health worker with Inspire, told Belfast Live:

“It’s just really unfortunate that in this lovely area which people should be able to enjoy that there are vandals like this running around.”

“So far no-one has come forward to say they saw anything but there were loads of people around because of the good weather.

“As my friend and I were walking back to my car he mentioned that he could hear a car alarm going off, which must have been mine.

“It seems they tipped it over, but as far as I can see they didn’t try to drive it or steal anything.

“Nothing seems to have been stolen and luckily they didn’t get my handbag in the boot.

“It’s a complete nightmare. Unfortunately, where I was parked there’s no CCTV.

“I’m now just financially much worse off as the car was pretty new and I’d saved money by buying it outright.

“I’m not on a bus route or train route so getting into work is going to be a real hassle.”

The incident occurred on May 3 between 6pm and 8pm in the evening and police have said that they’re investigating the incident.


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