Can you check if it was previously used as a Taxi or Hackney?

Yes, we disclose if a vehicle was previously or is currently registered as a taxi or hackney and the date that this registration occurred.

A car that is currently or previously been used as a taxi could decline in value quicker than a car that is being used privately due to factors such as a higher mileage could impact the cars overall value.

As you can see from a section of a sample report from, this particular car had been a previous taxi or hackney.

Snippet from a car history check report

stop signVehicle status

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Taxi / Hackney: Previous
Change in Engine Number: Yes
Change in colour: Yes

Top Makes and Models for Taxi/Hackney

Toyota - Avensis
Skoda - Octavia
Volkswagen - Passat
Ford – Mondeo

To see if the car you’re considering of purchasing was a taxi or hackney, enter your car registration details below to find out. A car history report costs just €19.

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