Can you check if the car is clocked?

Yes, can check if the mileage on a car has been clocked. We query our extensive mileage database that is being updated by numerous trade sources in real time on a daily basis. Where mileage readings are available, we will disclose the reading, date of entry and source.

Car clocking is when a car’s mileage has been changed to show that it has done less miles than it actually has, in order to sell it at a higher price. This can lead to the cars being dangerous, especially if the car has a high mileage or is in need of a service.

Car clocking is an ongoing issue in Ireland, with 1 in every 5 Irish vehicles clocked, it’s an issue that you could find yourself in, if you do not do a vehicle history check.

To check to see if the mileage on a car has been clocked, enter your car registration number below.

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