Can you tell me if the car has passed its NCT?

Yes, can tell you if the car has passed its NCT and we will disclose the exact date of NCT expiry and also the number of days left or that have lapsed.

Why it’s important to know a Vehicle has passed its NCT?

In 2015, 5,432 cars failed under the heading ‘Fail Dangerous’ and a huge 756,422 were failed as ‘Fail Refusal’.

The Main failure items for 2015 were:

  1. Front Suspension.
  2. Brake Line / Hoses.
  3. Headlamp Aim.
  4. Tyre Condition.
  5. Stop Lamps.

Taking into consideration the top reasons for failure in 2015, it’s imperative that when buying a used car, it has a valid NCT. Data gathered from a study My Vehicle ran shows that from the reports we ran on cars, 20.3% cars had invalid NCT's.

It’s also important to be aware of the increase of Fake NCT Certificates on our roads. With a report, you can check to see if the car has a valid NCT Certificate.

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