Can you tell me what the true value of the car is?

Yes, you can run a MyVehicle Valuation on any vehicle to get the true value of the car. Our Vehicle Valuations are currently being used on a daily basis to the majority of Insurance Companies, Independent Vehicle Assessors and Hundreds of Franchise and Independent Motor Dealers.

Looking to see how much your car is worth? With the Full history report, you can check to see the value of the car with our accurate and up to date services, no matter if you’re looking to sell or buy a car. When in the process of switching cars, it can be a very costly process. However, by getting a car history report, you will be able to see the true value of the car and have a peace of mind knowing how much the car is worth, when browsing for a new car. The same applies for when you’re looking to buy a used car. It’s important to know the value of the car before buying a used car, so that you can try to negotiate the best price.

To get the true value of a car, put in your car registration number details below, to see the true value of the car.


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