Do you guarantee mileage on every vehicle?

It is possible that we currently have no mileage records on a given vehicle.

I'm sure that you can understand that mileage readings on every vehicle cannot be guaranteed by any company, as full mileage coverage for every single vehicle in the country is virtually impossible. currently have a mileage database of over 10 million mileage readings on over 1.2 million unique Irish vehicle registration numbers and over 100 million UK readings but in this instance, the registration number in question is one of those numbers which is not in our database.

The National Car Test (NCT) Service, nor the Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Testing (CVRT) centres do not share their data with any third party company due to what they deem to be “Data Protection” concerns. are continuously lobbying for this mileage data to be released to third party companies like ourselves in our to protect consumers against “clocking”, which is on the increase in Ireland.

The information that is supplied in our vehicle history check reports cover the following information:

  • Vehicle ID Numbers & Documentation which are vital when verifying authenticity of the vehicle.
  • Vehicle Status which disclose if vehicle was ever written off, damage alert, taxi, change in engine number and colour.
  • Number of registered owners, owner category and the purchased date.
  • Auction data which discloses if a vehicle has ever been auctioned.
  • NCT & Road Tax data which discloses nct expiry data, nct expiry history, road tax expiry date and road tax expiry history.
  • Imported data on whether the vehicle was imported or not.
  • Date of first registration in Ireland.
  • Euro NCAP safety data on the vehicle which includes Adult Safety, Child Safety, Pedestrian Safety and Safety Assist Equipm.
  • Recorded Model Modifications which highlights model changes and face-lift introductions for this particular vehicle model type.
  • CO2 rating and full list of running costs for this specific vehicle.

This type of data is vital first step information, but it can never be substituted for physically inspecting a vehicle both mechanically, bodywork and general wear and tear, which we would class as a vital second step when buying a used vehicle.

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