Where do you get your valuations from?

Our vehicle valuation system is currently being used for the past number of years via our parent company VMS, Vehicle Management System by 100% of the Irish insurance industry which includes insurance companies and independent vehicle assessors to assist with determining a pre-accident valuation.

It is also being used on a daily basis by several financial institutions, hundreds of Independent and Franchise motor dealership across the Country, all of whom are satisfied with the accuracy.

A manual valuation, if anything is merely an opinion, but our system focuses on trying to match like for like vehicle examples currently or recently advertised for sale within the Irish marketplace and takes into consideration the number variables associated with determining the value of a vehicle.

More than just a vehicle valuation, our system is market overview price indicator. If a vehicle had additional specification that is not standard, this may very well add value to the vehicle, but this really depends on what the extra specification is, along with the type of vehicle and the age.

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