10% of cars assisted by Allianz last year had expired NCTs

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According to Allianz, 10% of cars they assisted had expired NCT certificates.

That means that more than one in ten (832) broken down cars assisted by Allianz last year were being driven with expired NCT certificates and 5 per cent of the vehicles had no valid certificate at all.

In all, 7,042 cars received breakdown assistance from the insurance company in 2016 but 97 per cent (6,793) of these had not fully completed an NCT test.

Models with most breakdowns:

  • Ford was the worst at 14 per cent (999)

  • Toyota and Volkswagen at 10 per cent (733)

Models most tested by NCT:

  • Toyotas were the most tested cars with 228,651 vehicles and a 53 per cent pass rate.

  • Volkswagens were next in line with 182,727 vehicles and a 47 per cent pass rate.

  • Ford was the third most tested brand with 169,493 cars tested and a 46 per cent pass rate.

The NCT figures from last year, 2016 also show that car tyres were the primary cause of the 51.6 per cent NCT failures; followed by front suspension; brake line/hoses; headlamp aim; and finally stop lights.

Before 2016, the front suspension had ranked as the top reason for NCT failures between 2010 and 2015 with the main reason for this failure being more than 30 per cent of an imbalance between the left-hand and right-hand suspension.

The chief executive of Allianz Ireland, Sean McGrath said that ensuring cars are in full working order is “vitally important”.
“Defective motor vehicles have a higher risk of breaking down and being involved in accidents,”

“Car owners of vehicles over three years old, driving without a valid NCT are breaking the law.

“If these cars are defective, drivers increase the potential risk of being involved in accidents - involving themselves and others and increase the potential for unwelcomed breakdowns.

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