20,000 Bees Swarm Womans Car

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When you get back home from work on an ordinary afternoon, the last thing you expect to find is that your car has been taken over by a 20,000 swarming bees.

This is exactly what happened to one unfortunate woman over in Hull, in the UK this week.

First, we apologise for the awful artificial voice-over on the video. You may want to turn the sound off and just check out the pictures.

You could say that, Shirley Taylor has something of a bee in her bonnet (pun intended) after her Nissan Juke was rendered unusable by a swarm of worker bees who set up their bee hive in her car.

The hive is already producing wax and honey and getting 20,000 swarming bees to leave is going to be a bit tricky.

The queen and her worker bees have apparently moved into the cavities inside and beneath the bonnet.

Since bees are critical to ecosystems in Britain, you cannot just hose them off and tell them to buzz off (sorry).

Professional bee-keepers are trying to comb (sorry) the bees out group by group and relocate them until the queen decides to leave on her own.

Poor Shirley, 57, will not be able to use her car until that happens, which will leave her feeling, we’re sure,  a bit stung by the experience (sorry; last one).

Bees swarms can actually keep coming back to live in one place for years if they get comfortable. Imagine giving your car a swarm back to the dealer at the end of your finance agreement.

We hope that the issue is resolved as soon as possible and Shirley gets her car back from the bee squatters that have invaded her car.


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