7,700 Family Ford vehicles recalled due to fire risk


Leakage of battery acid could pose a fire risk 

Approximately 7,700 family vehicles belonging to the Ford brand have recently been recalled in the event that there could be a potential battery acid leakage and this, in turn, could lead to a fire. 

They have issued a voluntary recall on all the vehicles affected. Some of the vehicles involved were certain Mondeo, Galaxy and SMAX types. 

The 7,733 vehicles affected were produced between February 13, 2014, and February 11, 2019.

This recall was issued when manufacturers realised that it was possible due to potential leakage of battery acid around the negative terminal could eventually cause the monitoring sensor to fail.

Following this over time copper sulphate can accumulate and in turn provide a conductive layer beneath the battery monitoring sensor thus creating a low resistance to ground.

This then leads to an increased current flow due to lack of resistance which could cause the surrounding material to heat up to a point where it ignites leading to a potential fire

The CCPC (Competition and Consumer Protection Commission) said Ford Motor Company Limited will contact all affected customers directly.

Vehicle owners will be advised on further actions in order to have the necessary repairs done to the vehicle to rectify this. 

Consumers can also contact Ford Motor Company Limited’s Customer Service on 1890 812 333.