AA Ireland rescue 460 children from locked cars last year

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Shocking reports from AA reveal that 460 children were found locked in cars last year

Reports have revealed that around 460 children have had to be rescued, along with approx. 360 dogs and apparently 1 lamb being the strangest of the lot.

As well as this, it wasn't only the defenceless ones whos needed to be freed, but about 5 adults had to be helped out after their spouses locked them in the car. Conor Faughnan, a representative from the AA describes the panic of such a situation

“For any parent, I think there are few things more worrying than when you accidentally lock one of your children into your car but it’s something that can happen more easily than you think.”

Apparently, this can happen a lot more than we would think, with parents innocently giving their children the keys to mind while they unpack the car and when done, the child is happy as larry pressing all the buttons which ultimately gets them stuck in the car. 

Luckily the AA is well prepared for this and knows exactly how to deal with these situations. Adults being locked in cars is uncommon but not unheard of and can be quite funny in situations. 

AA Rescue attended to 2,038 cases of keys being locked into a car, with many of these occurring between May and September. 

Although with new technologies it is more difficult to do this nowadays, it still does occur with people feeling like completes idiots unnecessarily. It is a daily occurrence of up to 6 people a day so the AA are here to help! 


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