Gang stealing high-end cars and selling them for pittance

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Young gang selling top of the range cars to big criminal bosses for as little as €300

A gang based in north Dublin have been targeting upmarket parts of the area, with Malahide being high of their list of priorities. 

It is thought that the gang of young male thieves are ‘doing business’ with bigger criminal groups involved in an ongoing feud in Coolock. A source has said

"The young criminals are exchanging jewellery and other items like laptops taken in the robberies at locations such as Malahide for relatively small amounts of drugs from the more senior gang members,"

it is not only jewellery etc. they are stealing and selling but also top of the range cars for as little as €300, this gang of young criminals are getting taken advantage of by the larger gangs being a win-win for them, not that the young criminals care once they are getting a bit of cash. 

Gardai have suspicions that the stolen goods are being sold at ‘gold for cash’ stores and other jewellery shops. 

These gangs doing business with the smaller north Dublin gang are thought to have connections to Sean Little (22) who was shot dead near Balbriggan, on May 21st. 

These young criminals are also allegedly doing business with the groups' bitter rivals and a 30yr old heroin dealer, safe to say they are definitely not involved with a nice crowd and one wrong move could end up very wrong. Although it is reported that the youngers gang are not involved in these feuds at all, they are just keen to do business and offload any goods they have that might be worth something. 

Despite this, the burglary gang are causing huge concern for officers in the northside of the city and a special operation targeting their activities is being led by detectives based in Raheny and Howth.

The guards have carried out a number of searches in recent weeks and have found 11 out of 16 vehicles which were stolen only in the last two weeks. 

These cars are being stolen from peoples driveways, they have even gone as far as to smash home windows just to avail of the car keys, with more than one being stolen in some cases.


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