Car Thieves Using 'Jamming' Technologies To Steal Your Car!

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Next time you go back to your car and find it unlocked it might not be because you forgot to lock it – a thief sitting nearby might have actually stopped you locking your car without you even knowing it.

For years, depicted in movies, we have seen criminals, governments and security forces being able to block signals with radio 'jammers,. Now criminals in the Ireland have started using electronic radio frequency jammers to break into cars.

Car thieves are now using these sophisticated electronic gadgets which to block the locking signal from your key fob.


Jamming Technologies

Gardaí have warned unsuspecting car owners that these car thieves are now using ‘jammers’ to gain entry to your vehicle in many parts of Ireland.

When the lock button is pressed on the key fob, the signal is blocked or ‘jammed’, leaving your car unlocked and vulnerable.

As we move towards Christmas, Gardaí are expecting an increase in car theft and they are encouraging car owners to be more vigilant, especially around the holiday season.

Galway City, for example, has seen a rise in this kind of electronic crime. Crime Prevention Officer at Galway Garda Station:

Sergeant Pat Flanagan had this to say, “These blockers are being used here and we’re seeing them more frequently. They are used to steal cars and to steal belongings from cars...

“...To be 100% sure, always check the handle manually to ensure your car has been locked after you press the button on the fob. At the very least, check that the hazard lights flash to acknowledge the car received the signal to lock the doors...Coming up to Christmas, we will see more and more criminals coming to steal from cars.”


Advice for Winter Months

What most car owners don’t realise is that, when thieves gain access to your car, they can then access the on-board computer in order to ‘code’ a blank key to start the ignition in a matter of minutes.

This is also a reminder to car owners that car thieves are always on the lookout for unlocked cars or cars which have been left running.

The advice from the Gardaí is never to leave the engine running, even for a short period to pop into the house or the shop. If your car is stolen because of carelessness, it can have consequences as regards insurance companies not paying out.


Also, as we head into the cold Winter months, it is advised, that motorists do not leave their car unattended in the driveway with the engine running so as to defrost the windows.

So don’t take a chance this Winter by leaving your car running unattended, even for a short space of time. Avoid leaving property in the car and if we have to, put it out of sight and locked away in the boot.


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