Public Transport Fares to Increase in December


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Fare Hikes on the Way

Anne Graham, the CEO of the National Transport Authority has announced this morning that the coming months will see changes to the prices of Irish public transport.

The largest increases will be on the Luas while bus services will see the least amount of increases.

The biggest fare hikes will be on Dublin’s rail network and in in some Short Hop Zone fares which will see fares increase by between 16 and 18%.

The fares will come into effect sometime after December 1, depending on how each operator chooses to introduce them.

NTA Chief Executive Officer, Anne Graham said that revenue from the fare increases will be less than 1% for the transport providers and that the increases were not due to the recent industrial action and strikes on Dublin Bus and Luas.

The majority of passengers will not face a fare increase.


Here is a breakdown of the most important details:

Dublin Bus

  • Leap and adult cash no change

  • Leap and regular child cash no change

  • Schoolchild cash no change

  • Schoolchild Leap going up by up 2 cent

  • City centre Leap & cash no change

  • Pre-paid Rambler tickets 2.7% to 2.9% increase

  • Dublin Bus only monthlies & annuals no change

  • Multi-operator monthlies & annuals 1.9% to 2.3%


Bus Éireann

  • Leap fare no increase. Cash fare up by 10 cent adult, 5 cent child

  • 1-day, 7-day, monthly and annual vary from -5.9% to + 2.8%

  • Single cash or leap fares for adult, child or student no change

  • Adult returns going up by 1.1% to 4.9%

  • Child or student returns no increase. Some decreases of up to 4.3%

  • Adult 10 Journey -5.0% to + 4.9%

  • Child or student 10 Journey fares no increase. Some decreases to 5.1%

  • Adult monthly tax-saver varies -7.4% to + 2.0%

  • Adult annual dropped from 0.0% to -9.4%



  • Merge zone 3 and zone 4 fares resulting in changes from -4.2% to + 7.4%

  • Increase of adult single cash fares by 10 to 20 cent

  • Adult leap fares up from 0 cent to 9 cent

  • Child single cash or leap no change

  • Adult return increase by 20 cent

  • Child return increase by 10 cent

  • Adult prepaid 1-day, 7-day and 30-day adjusted from -4.2% to + 6.3%

  • Child prepaid adjusted 0.00% to 3.6%

  • Student pre-paid -3.8% to + 5.9%

  • Adult monthly and annual tax-saver fares + 9.9%

  • Iarnród Eireann add-on fares up 0.00 to 5.2%


Iarnród Éireann

  • Intercity single and return fares no change

  • Intercity adult and child weekly up 2%

  • Kilcock and Sallins/Naas stations moving from inter-city zone into the Dublin Short Hop Zone

  • Fares for 226 Short Hop Zone journeys reduced by 16-18%, and 36 being increased by 16-18%

  • Intercity and SHZ Tax-saver fares to increase by 4%

  • Multi-operator monthly and annual fares up 2%


You can find the complete list of changes here.

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