Compound containing 100 cars bursts into flames

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A huge blaze broke out in Haggardstown, Dundalk last night in a privately-owned recovery and breakdown service centre containing 100 cars.
Pictures emerged on Twitter showing huge plumes of black smoke billowing into sky.

Emergency services were called to the scene shortly after 7pm last night. It is believed the fire broke out at a compound which is used by the Gardaí to hold seized vehicles. The facility also holds cars for motorway maintenance and also insurance companies.

Gardai said they were investigating the incident but they do not know the cause of the fire at this time.

AA Roadwatch also warned last night that the smoke from the blaze was so thick it even affected visibility in the area and motorists driving near the scene were advised to proceed with "extreme care".

The fire was so toxic that Motorists and members of the community were warned to keep their windows closed so as not to be affected by the fumes.

irish and uk flags IRL/GB