Dublin Bus Set For A Major Overhaul

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New plans are being put forward next month by Dublin Bus to overhaul its operations.

Shane Ross, the Minister of Transport has revealed plans to make some needed changes to Dublin Bus very soon.

The new plans will include changes to the buses themselves. Some of the things they want to focus on are how you pay on the bus, the bus stop themselves and cycle lanes.

Bus fares were mentioned by the Minister specifically with respect to cashless transactions.

Cashless payment will be the new norm with these new Dublin Bus plans.


The rationale behind the production of a new plan is to reduce Dublin's traffic problems.

Congestion in Dublin and its suburbs is something all drivers in the city are all too well aware of.

The Minister said that the frequency of buses must increase and also the actual number of buses must be increased also.

The Transport Minister also said that the cycle infrastructure needs to be improved as well.

The focus of the new cycle plan will be to make cycle-friendly roads by increasing bike lanes and general infrastructure.

It's believed that the NTA (National Transport Authority) will work with both local authorities and the public on the new branding.

The plans are set to published next month.


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