Dublin Port Tunnel introduces new average speed cameras


Dublin Port Tunnel introduced a new average speed camera system at 12 am this morning.

Thousands of motorists use the Dublin's Port Tunnel every day and the warning has gone out that new special speed cameras are now activated from June 1, 2017, just in time for the June Bank Holiday weekend.

The new Average Speed Cameras system has cameras place at both ends of the tunnel which calculates the average time taken by each vehicle to travel the length of the tunnel.

From today, anyone travelling through in less than three-and-a-half minutes will automatically generate a fixed charge penalty notice.

Statistics show that up until the last night, 58% of motorists using the tunnel drive in excess of the 80km/hr speed limit.

Interestingly, speeds are noticeably higher for traffic coming from the motorway system and heading to the southside of the city with 27% of these vehicles driving in excess of 90km/hr.

Michael Finn who is the Assistant Garda Commissioner said that motorists normally slow down when the see a camera and then speed up again as they know the locations of fixed cameras.

This situation obviously defeats the purpose of road safety does not do an awful for to stop speeding between cameras. With Average Speed Cameras now positioned at the tunnel, this behaviour is going to change dramatically

This is the first time that average speed cameras have been installed anywhere in the country and Assistant Commissioner Michael Finn said they will be considered for other locations such as motorways.

With increased traffic at the Port Tunnel in the last few years, this is a welcome change for road safety. Traffic levels in the Port Tunnel have increased by 40% over the past five years and it now handles approximately 650,000 vehicle journeys a month.