Is this the cheapest EV in Europe?

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Europe's cheapest electric car

Dacia has unveiled possibly the cheapest electric car in Europe.

The Romanian car brand owned by Renault, the Dacia Spring EV is being marketed as Europe's most affordable battery-electric car.

The new Dacia EV was revealed at the Geneva motor show in the virtual space. The manufacturer promises that the electric crossover vehicle will be Europe's most affordable EV.

Already Dacia has an expertise in manufacturing low-price cars so having a low-cost electric car would seem to be natural.  

The Dacia Spring electric car is just 3.7 metres long and it will have a range of about 200km. The company claims this new EV will be “perfect for urban and suburban use.”

Dacia Spring

The car has similar styling of their current models, the Sandero and Duster. It will sport new ultra-slim led headlights which will give the car a very modern look. The rear LED lights form a ‘double-y’ shape which the Dacia says will become its new lighting signature. 

The Spring’s design is based on the Renault City KZ-E mini crossover which is already on sale in China. That particular model has a 26.8Wh battery and a small 33kW electric motor

Dacia has still not confirmed when they will release a right-hand drive version of the Spring but the first versions will roll off the production line in 2021

The company also went on to say that they will concentrate on marketing the Spring to ride-sharing and car-sharing schemes, so it may be some time before regular consumers can get behind the wheel of this neat little EV. 

Europe's cheapest EV


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